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Bernabest Food Products Inc.
Bernabest Food Products Inc.



We had a dream.

We would be known as the food company that delights the Filipino palate with our delicious products, Siomai House and Empanada Especiale.

Today, that dream is a reality.

But our hearts hold more dreams to birth and develop. We will be the number one product producer, retailer, and service provider in both local and international markets.

And as we grow in quantity and quality, the fruits of our labor will be shared by all, as one company, as one family that accepts and embraces all ideas and persuasions.

Likewise, we will champion the cause of our community’s less fortunate, even as we judiciously care for the environment from where our resources come.

Thus, we will succeed, not just because of our skills, hard work, and solid principles, but by the grace of God who guides us and gives us the wisdom and ability to accomplish even greater dreams.


To fulfill our Vision, our company shall:

  • Continue to produce and retail top-quality siomai and empanada utilizing modern food production techniques and innovations, while maintaining the high quality standards of our products
  • Constantly explore opportunities to create more new products and services to further delight our market and offer our support for the agricultural sector
  • Provide efficient services for retailers through an effective ordering system, fast and easy transactions and deliveries, and continuously improving designs and constructing good quality food kiosks
  • Promote an inclusive work environment that is safe and trouble-free, providing professional and respectful internal coordination with different departments, and emphasizing work life balance as well
  • Advocate for the welfare of our community and the protection of our country’s natural resources


The humble beginnings of the Bernabes can be traced back to a house in Dagat-dagatan, Caloocan City where the first empanada was made. The family’s matriarch, who they fondly call Lola Mama, owns the special empanada recipe which she would lovingly prepare during family gatherings. This gave birth to their kith and kin venture that started in 2001 when a modest booth for Empanada Especiale was established near the old Caloocan City Hall. A year later, another booth was opened at North Mall, Caloocan LRT Station

An unforeseen event emanated from the North Mall booth, which led to a brainstorming session by the family. They had to get another space to prevent competition from coming in. As such, they needed a new product that will have no negative effect on Empanada Especiale. From this, the now famous Siomai House was born.

In 2004, the very first Siomai House outlet was established in North Mall, Caloocan LRT Station. Today, Siomai House has already captured the hearts of Filipinos from different walks of life—establishing the brand as the one of the most popular siomai brands in the country.



Bernabest Food Products Inc. is the company behind the famous Siomai House and Empanada Especiale. The Bernabes commit to only serve the best and nothing less—hence, Bernabest. Being in the food and beverage industry, Bernabest’s commitment to customer satisfaction is paramount, which is why the company is primed to maintain the high quality and strict implementation of standards in product processes as approved by the FDA, HACCP, and GMP (AAA) certified by the NMIS.

Bernabest vows to serve the best food products that delight the Filipino palate. Bernabest products—which can be considered as staple Filipino comfort snacks—use only the best and high-quality ingredients with no preservatives; freshness is a guarantee that the customers will consistently enjoy every time they partake of siomai, empanada, and gulaman. Bernabest and its products are proudly Filipino.

Bernabest is a family-owned and oriented enterprise—it is not just a company but a family. Its continuous growth and undeniable success lies mainly on the collaborative hard work of the Bernabes and their employees. The Bernabes reflect and promote their family values by maintaining a godly and family oriented work environment–making Bernabest a place that offers the best employment experience for its employees.

This family spirit extends also to its local and international customers, who remember their own families at home whenever they enjoy Siomai House. This inspired the company to adopt this tagline: “Siomai House – where every bite feels like home.”

It all started with a dream and now it has become a reality. By 2004, Bernabest opened Siomai House for franchising. To date, Bernabest has already established over 800 Siomai House and 30 Empanada Especiale outlets throughout Metro Manila and the neighboring provinces of Luzon. The company’s crusade in exploring new and fresh undertakings in the food and beverage industry, particularly in the fast food business, continues. Bernabest is now scouting out opportunities in Visayas and Mindanao, as well as in the international market. To date, Siomai House will soon open its outlets in Panay Islands (Visayas), while seven outlets of Siomai House just opened in Dubai, UAE.


H – onesty

O – bedience

L – oyalty

D – edication

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Why join Siomai House?

Siomai House is a popular siomai food cart franchising business in the Philippines. Since 2004, it has opened over 800 outlets throughout Metro Manila and the neighboring provinces of Luzon, with almost 90% of the total number of outlets coming from franchising.

Siomai House is not simply a “business for profit” investment; it is ENTREPRENEURSHIP with SOCIAL and MORAL responsibility to the people who will work for and with the franchisee, to the customers, to the environment, and to the franchisor. Operating a Siomai House franchise is BASICALLY EASY, CLEAR, and UNCOMPLICATED but demands HANDS-ON MANAGEMENT, SUPERVISION, and COMMITMENT.

Siomai House is now confidently exploring opportunities for business expansion not only locally but also internationally. Seven outlets of Siomai House are now being enjoyed by our kababayans in Dubai, UAE. True to its tagline, Siomai House dreams of making everyone feel at home with just a bite of siomai.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of the Siomai House Investment Package is Two Hundred Fifty Thousand pesos (Php250, 000) plus VAT.

Siomai House does not charge other fees such as royalty fee, set-up fee, and marketing/advertising fee.

No, Siomai House lets the applicant choose the location where to put up their business, subject to its approval.

Yes. Upon application, you have to indicate that the establishment is still under construction.

Yes, Siomai House allows franchisees to operate in SM Malls.

Yes, but the franchise shall be given to the applicant who first submitted the lease offer or award notice from the lessor.

On average, the process from application to outlet opening takes a month or two.

Siomai House advises the applicants to process both applications at the same time.

Siomai House has partnered with an agency to provide the manpower requirement of the franchisee.

Our sales crew receives a minimum wage salary plus government mandated benefits.

Yes, it’s free of charge. Siomai House provides training for the sales crew who must successfully complete the store operations training and assessment program.

Yes, we highly encourage our franchisees to undergo training to familiarize themselves with the operations of their respective outlets.

No, we do not recommend this. Instead, we advise our applicants to have a thorough negotiation with the lessor and reserve the location for a specified timeframe until our team conducts the inspection of the location.

We only approve of a one-time payment for the settlement of the franchise fee. Other arrangements shall be discussed with the franchise manager.

Initial inventory is more or less P30,000 which shall be paid within three days after delivery.

Yes, but subject to approval by Siomai House management.

The average R.O.I. ranges from six to 18 months depending on the viability of the location.

Have another questions? Please don’t hesitate to aks us.